20,000 - 80,000 Btu/h

The smallest burner in Wayne’s line-up, the SC80 gas power burner is designed for small combustion chambers.

Available as ON/OFF or modulating, the SC80 features high static air pressure to compensate for the size of the combustion chamber, positive premixing of air and gas, as well direct spark ignition.

All SC80 flame retention gas burners are completely assembled and test fired before shipment. 304 stainless air tubes standard.

The Wayne Model SC80 pre-mix power gas burner is compact and designed for small combustion chambers. It offers features such as:

  • High static air pressure
  • Direct spark ignition
  • Fires both Natural and LP Gas
  • Two rod, single trial for ignition control
  • Positive premixing of gas and air to provide excellent combustion characteristics
  • Mounting options for controls – remote mounted or attached to the burner
  • Optional Feature (SC80M): Gas modulation with 4:1 turndown ratio
  • Please note modulation is only available for OEM manufacturers. 

Name Value
BTU20,000 - 80,000 Btu/hr
Agency ApprovalsCSA 189810-1601609
Air Tube Diameter(s)3"
Electrical (Voltage)120V
Electrical (Hertz)60 Hz
Gas Inlet Connection1/2'' NPT or 3/4'' NPT
Gas Pressure RequiredNatural Gas - 41⁄2'' W.C. LP gas 11.0” W.C.
Gas Valve24 Volt
Maximum Air Tube InsertionAdjustable flange 4", Welded flange 4.75"
Maximum BTU/Hr Input80,000 Btu/hr
Minimum BTU/Hr Input20,000 Btu/hr
Modulation Option AvailableYes
On/Off AvailabilityYes
Overall Height11.42"
Overall Width12.18"
Overall Length6.39"